The Green Beast in Ibiza

Internationally renowned bartender, Charles Vexenat, was a star of the London cocktail scene, celebrated for his work at iconic locations such as The Lonsdale, Che, LAB and Hixé¦ Until he seemingly dropped off the grid four years ago.

Now for first time, join the creator of contemporary classic The Green Beast and twice-titled World's Best Mixologist on an eclectic whirlwind around Ibiza and uncover exactly what he's been up to in the full-length release of The Green Beast in Ibiza.


Delve into the inspiration and methodology behind his mixology as he reveals the secrets of his life on the island and the fruits of his collaboration with Pernod Absinthe, Bar 1805. See first hand how his legendary cocktails are made and how the beauty and eccentricity of the island helps him keep Bar 1805 unique.


"When I arrived here I realised that I wanted to be more creative about the comfort of my customers and how to surprise them? How to stand out as probably the smallest operation in Ibiza?" says Charles.

Bar 1805 sits nestled deep in the Bohemian heart of the Sa Pe'a area of Ibiza island. The project follows 20 years of travelling, ten of which spent cutting his teeth in London under the mentorship of bartending greats such as Henry Besant, Dick Bradsell, Nick Strangeway and Chris Edwards.