From the first Maison Pernod-Fils distillery in 1805 to the infamous absinthe ban, La Belle Epoque to the re-discovery of the original recipe, the rich history of pernod Absinthe spans more than two centuries.

As more and more people seek to experience Pernod Absinthe as it was originally enjoyed during La Belle Epoque period, the tradition of The Green Hour, or L'Heure Verte [...]

The green fairy is back in its original version. One century after the ban, the spirit produced from wormwood returns in the closest possible recreation of the original Pernod Absinthe from [...]

By 1910, France was consuming 36 million litres of absinthe per year. The crisis of the wine industry and phylloxera epidemic added to an increase of the propaganda around the alleged fatal [...]

Based on a painting by artist Charles Maire (1845-1919), for many years this art poster hung in nearly every bar and café in Paris during La Belle Epoque. Depicting the orginal Pernod-Fils [...]

Absinthe had established itself as the pre-dinner drink by the mid-19th century, with 'The Green Hour' known by all as the early evening moment to enjoy the drink. Parisian bars echoed with [...]