An absence of absinthe

In 1915, France banned Absinthe following years of lobbying and propaganda, creating many of the myths and stories which live on to this day.

By 1910, France was consuming 36 million litres of absinthe per year. The crisis of the wine industry and phylloxera epidemic added to an increase of the propaganda around the alleged fatal and violent side effects of absinthism, led and in 1915 the French government to outlaw absinthe, after Switzerland in 1910 and the USA in 1912.


Pernod continued to distil other spirits and liquors before bringing all its distilleries under the name of établissements Pernod in 1926. A new 'sans absinthe' Pernod drink ' a liqueur d'anis ' was created, but it would be nearly a century before the  traditional recipe would again see the light of day.

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